Uninsured Services Inc.

Block Fees Policy from the CPSO

Dear Patients, May 23, 2024

My goal as your doctor

As your family doctor, it has been my pleasure to help you with all of your health needs. It is my goal to provide you with the best medical care in an approachable, friendly, and efficient manner. As you may know, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for most of your medical visits to my office. However, there are uninsured services, which OHIP does not cover. Examples include prescription renewals over the phone, sick notes, and insurance forms.

New government changes in OHIP

There are new changes to OHIP as of 01 Jan 2013. For example, Annual Physicals will no longer be available, but they have been replaced by a Periodic Health Exam. However, if you require an annual physical due to a third party request, be it for your Driver’s License or Life Insurance, and you do not have an Uninsured Services Annual Fee Plan, you will have to pay for the cost of the physical along with the cost of filling out the form, which could cost upwards of $210.

Uninsured Services

It is our office policy to charge for services not covered by OHIP, in accordance with recommended guidelines. While you may choose to pay for individual services not covered by OHIP on a “Pay-Per-Service” basis, I recommend that you consider my Uninsured Services Annual Fee Plan, often referred to as a “Block Fee”. If you sign up, you will be covered for an entire year of use of the most common services not covered by OHIP. If you sign up after the start date, your fees are not prorated.

For further details, please review the Uninsured Services Guide to Fees. If you have any questions about the program, please email Uninsured Services, Inc. or call (289) 639-5532.

—Your family doctor